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The Simple Answer is:

After two failed marriages of over 20 years, in 2016-2017 Brad trained directly with Dr. Jack Ito, PhD a World-Renown relationship and marriage reconciliation coach. After working with Coach Jack for some time Brad began to see how misguided he had been all of his life about relationships, particularly his behavior with a spouse. He learned that as a man, there is a Biblical direction on how to behave in relationships, specifically with your wife. He said "the churches were not talking about it and the schools weren't either". Nobody was...

Brad  began to dig deep with Coach Jack and even deeper into individual behavior, the subconscious mind, and a real moral problem that was facing our world at the time and still is and that is uni-sexification. God made us different and not just physically. During this time he learned the basic instinctive differences, biological differences, and behavioral differences between men and women. After spending some time as a single man working on self-improvement and developing the necessary skills to be an effective partner, Brad met Mysti. They began dating for a few months and after he realized she wasn't just putting her best foot forward but indeed was a quality woman (which was exactly what he was looking for) they decided to "go steady".

Now married, Brad and Mysti are forever boyfriend and girlfriend! Since Brad's transformation from being needy, jealous, and controlling in relationships to being a secure and highly skilled partner, he wanted to share his knowledge with others and help them make the changes necessary to improve their relationships. BUT HOW?

Mysti, being a screenplay writer and TV/Film producer has helped Brad's dream of sharing his experience and skills. She, as a secure and independent woman, has also developed a desire during this time to help women to become quality partners in relationships with their husbands.

Now that Brad has re-dedicated his life to Jesus Christ the two of them are moving quickly to complete the film and share their experiences and skills with others.

You will see in Want Love? how relational unskilled people normally behave and then once they are skilled, the differences in them and how their relationships change.

Many people believe that both partners must be in sync and agreement to achieve this cooperation and relational improvement.  This is misguided thinking. You will see in the film how it only takes one person to become secure and make personal changes within themselves in order to improve their relationship. God does not want people to have affairs, act controlling or needy and insecure, and He doesn't want divorce.

We hope you enjoy the film once it is released and we pray that you will reap a great reward in your relationship. There are many books out that can help. If you  are in serious relationship difficulty we recommend you hire a coach (not a counselor) but a coach such as Dr. Jack Ito, PhD (there are others) but you can get the help you desire in order to save your marriage or relationship!
As stated at the top of the page: People ask us "Why are you doing a film like that?"

My simple answer is



My hope is that this film and our story will help others seek out the necessary help and changes in their lives in order to develop great relationships with others. I hope they get to know Jesus and achieve salvation through Him!

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